Partnering with Variational AI: Generative AI for Drug Discovery

We are proud to announce an investment in Variational AI, a pioneering TechBio company that specializes in drug discovery using state-of-the-art generative AI technology.

Variational AI, founded in 2019, is composed of a team of seasoned AI/machine learning and business specialists. The company is committed to working closely with pharmaceutical partners to bring new therapeutics to market across disease areas, aiming to positively impact lives.

Variational AI's mission closely aligns with our investment philosophy at A&E Investments. The company aims to redefine the economics of drug development by accelerating the discovery of novel and optimized small molecule therapeutics. Their unique approach leverages a data-efficient method to rapidly generate novel and diverse compounds. These compounds are optimized for multiple properties to avoid the most common causes of drug attrition and increase the clinical probability of success.

Variational AI plans to validate their scalable approach to drug discovery using Variational AI's groundbreaking generative AI models and platform to generate pharmacologically successful novel drug compounds. This investment marks a significant milestone for Variational AI, enabling the company to further its mission and bring its innovative technology to the forefront of the TechBio industry.

We believe that Healthcare and Lifescience are rapidly transforming with data and AI. Companies like Variational AI, who are AI-native, are opening up new possibilities in an industry with a profound impact on the wellbeing of our everyday lives. We are excited to partner with Variational AI and look forward to seeing the transformative impact of their technology on drug discovery and the broader healthcare industry.

Variational AI's team was founded by Ali Saberali, Handol Kim, Jason Rolfe, Mehran Khodabandeh, and Zaccary Alperstein.

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