Cirel Systems is a fabless semiconductor company that develops Custom analog mixed-signal ASIC solutions, and Standard IC products for power management applications and sensor front ends. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Bangalore, India. Cirel Systems platform Power management platform IC solutions simplify power management in portable devices such as smart-phones and tablets by providing a highly integrated and optimized solution to not only power application processors with single and multiple cores but also integrate regulators for peripherals and battery charging and monitoring functions. Cirel's highly flexible PMASIC platform enables customers to have custom PMUs for their SoCs developed which can be integrated as companion die in their SoC package. This provides the lowest cost and best performance integrated PM route for today's SoCs which are designed in deep submicron process nodes not friendly for DC-Dc regulator integration. Cirel's SensASIC platform enables customers to develop custom ASIC solutions for sensors. Some of the ASICs in mass production include an ASIC for capacitive sensing and an ASIC for optical pressure sensing.In the sensor IC domain, Cirel also offers a family of low noise preamps for MEMS microphone applications. Cirel preamps deliver low noise performance at low power and give customers flexibility to fine tune sensitivity to very narrow tolerance. Several million units of Cirel preamps have been shipped and have the flexibility to work with many different sensors.

Cirel Systems