Since the first industrial robots were introduced in the 1960s, millions have been deployed globally. Their impact is undeniable. Robots have automated countless dangerous, repetitive tasks, transforming manufacturing, but they’ve only reached a fraction of their potential. Incapable of thinking on their own, they can only do pre-programmed tasks in tightly-controlled environments. They can’t understand, learn, or adapt.

Drawing on recent advances in Deep Imitation Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning, Embodied Intelligence is developing AI software that makes it easy to teach robots new, complex skills. Building on experience at Berkeley and OpenAI, Covariant’s vision is the Covariant Brain: universal AI that allows robots to see, reason, and act on the world around them. Covariant Brain is targeting commercial viability, starting with the industries that make, move and store things in the physical world.

Founded by Pieter Abbeel, Peter Chen, Rocky Duan, and Tianhao Zhang, the company is based in Emeryville, CA and backed by venture funding.

(Formally Embodied Intelligence)