Falcon Computing’s mission is to enable Heterogeneous Accelerated Computing. Through the combination of a strong foundation of academic research, an experienced management team, and a history of past entrepreneurial successes from its founder, Falcon continues to develop products that simplify the adoption of hardware acceleration. We empower software developers & data scientists working in Genomics, Machine Learning, Computational Finance and Computer Vision to accelerate their cognitive era applications by leveraging CPUs, GPUs & FPGAs on public and private clouds. The Falcon approach to acceleration translates into application performance gains of up to 35x, user productivity increase of up to 10x and overall more energy efficient computing.

Expanding on a foundation of more than a decade of research, Falcon Computing was founded in 2014 by Dr. Jason Cong, a serial entrepreneur and the Director of the Center for Domain Specific Computing (CDSC) at UCLA. Due to its rich roots in academia and research, Falcon computing has been leading the new wave of FPGA adoption. Three years after its inception, four of the largest cloud infrastructure providers launched FPGA instances to help support the growth in demand of specialized hardware for cognitive era applications. The efficiency and adaptability of an FPGA has made it a valuable asset as cognitive era applications require frequent updates and demand more compute power than ever before.