Fungible was founded by Silicon Valley veterans Pradeep Sindhu and Bertrand Serlet. Sindhu previously founded Juniper Networks, held roles as CEO and CTO, and is now chief scientist. Prior to Fungible, Serlet founded a storage startup and before that was senior vice president of software engineering at Apple.“Our vision is to provide such dramatic improvements to the performance, reliability and economics of data centers that applications previously unimaginable become possible,” said Pradeep Sindhu, co-founder and CEO of Fungible. “Every significant advancement in technology is ultimately enabled by a step-function improvement in one of its fundamental building blocks; the Fungible Data Processing Unit (DPU)™ is a new essential building block that represents just such a step-function improvement.”The DPU is an entirely new category of programmable processor, complementary to existing processor categories, that will enable an order of magnitude improvement in the execution of data-centric workloads. The DPU can be deployed in data centers at all scales and geographies, placing Fungible in a strong position to capture a significant portion of the $120+ billion data center infrastructure market.

Fungible was acquired by Microsoft in 2023.