Ineda Systems (pronounced "E-ne-da") is a startup company that was created by industry veterans from US and India with an ultimate goal of becoming a leader in developing low power SOC’s for the use in both consumer and enterprise applications. The advisory and management team has world-class experience of working in both blue chip companies as well as fast paced technology start-ups. Ineda's expertise is in the area of low-power SoC/IP development, architecture, and software that is necessary to design silicon & systems that would be of use in future applications.Ineda Systems is a Silicon and platform solution provider in the area of Automotive and IoT applications. Ineda’s SoC’s are built on a powerful new architecture called Hierarchical Computing Architecture that offersindustry leading power / performance elasticity for the emerging workloads in IoT and Automotive applications. It enables optimal use of heterogeneous compute engines (CPUs, DSPs, hardware accelerators), peripherals, memory banks and power rails based on various system use cases. Ineda’s SoCs are built with end-to-end security in mind – from design to manufacturing to commissioning/decommissioning.The development time of customer’s end products are shortened through Ineda’s application ready design kits along with fine-tuned software (SDK). The business model is very innovative and flexible, and enables top tier OEMs to take Ineda’s Automotive and IoT ASSP (Application Specific Standard Product) Silicon and customize into a custom silicon as per their system requirements (proprietary IP, performance, cost etc.).

Ideda Systems was acquired by Intel in 2019.

Ineda Systems