is a smart analytics company that is revolutionizing the way businesses handle their key metrics. The platform provides real-time decision making and opportunity identification, and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses find the most efficient paths to their goals​. offers solutions for both business users and analysts. For business users, it identifies areas of business that provide the most leverage, highlighting issues early for rapid resolution and surfacing opportunities for business growth​. For analysts, the platform provides key insights at their fingertips by searching millions of possibilities to identify the most impactful segments​.

Unlike traditional Business Intelligence tools that rely on users to spot insights, proactively sifts through the data, delivering on the promise of data-driven business​. is a B2B company that aims to address the gaps between Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies​. was founded by Rajat Monga and Varun Saini, both of whom have extensive backgrounds in AI & BI​. Rajat Monga, the CEO, co-founded and led TensorFlow​. Varun Saini, the CPO, is a former executive from Tableau and Thoughtspot​.