Insitro is a pioneering biotech company that operates at the intersection of human biology and machine learning with the aim of creating better medicines for patients. The company was founded by Daphne Koller, a renowned figure in the fields of machine learning and computational biology. The motivation behind Insitro was to bridge the gap between these two areas, overcoming the previous limitations posed by the lack of large, rich datasets in biology. To do this, Insitro leverages modern biological tools to generate high-quality, extensive datasets optimized for machine learning, which in turn unleashes the potential of cutting-edge computational approaches.

Insitro has a unique culture that brings together a diverse team of life scientists, data scientists, software engineers, process engineers, bioengineers, translational scientists, and drug hunters. This cross-disciplinary collaboration is fundamental to the company's innovative approach and ability to ask and answer novel questions.

The company's vision centers around bettering the drug discovery and development process. Insitro believes that machine learning can play a significant role in predicting which research paths are most likely to lead to successful medicines. This approach could help circumvent many of the expensive failures currently associated with pharmaceutical R&D.