Sigma Resources & Technologies Inc, funded by a group of reputable U.S. investors, was incorporated in April, 2005.

Based on years of research and development on screen projection and device control, Sigma has achieved screen mirroring up to 60 FPS (frames per second) with a resolution of 1080P. Our patent pending SFC technology solves compatibility issues for Android phones – compatible with more than 6000 different Android devices. Today, Sigma is a leading expert in screen projection and device control for mobile devices, PC, TV and projectors.

With continuous investments in R&D over the past 6 years, Sigma boasts a rich portfolio of products based on core competencies. Its flagship product, Total Control (TC) is widely used by consumers, TC supports screen mirroring and device control of up to 100 Android devices simultaneously. It also offers scripting capabilities and a rich set of APIs to automate complicated or repetitive tasks with ease.

As customer demand for screen mirroring grows, the offering of TC Display provides projection solutions for TV, projectors, PC, mobile phones and car consoles. TC Display has been widely deployed by companies like XGimi, BYD and soon Changhong TV.

TC Games was created by utilizing Sigma’s fast screen mirroring and speedy device control. TC Games allows users to enjoy mobile games on PCs using PC connected display, keyboard and mouse. TC Games also provides live broadcast capability.

Sigma Resources & Technologies Inc. is located in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park.