Vayyar develops leading-edge 3D imaging sensors, opening the world to a new generation of safe, mobile and low cost imaging devices. Vayyar's imaging devices let you see through and inside materials and enable sophisticated monitoring of people and objects in your surroundings without privacy infringement and with no wearbles. Vayyar sensors enable an extensive breadth of applications ranging from breast cancer screening and in-wall imaging to robotics, people monitoring for security, elderly care, automation and automotive.Vayyar partners to develop tailored solutions to specific needs in flexible models, and in 2016 also launched a consumer version of the sensor technology, under the ‘Walabot’ brand - a programmable version for R&D labs and individuals (makers), and a sensor to see inside the walls of your own house. Vayyar imaging devices break through known barriers and bring highly sophisticated imaging and monitoring capabilities to your fingertips.

Vayyar Imaging